Meet Ned and Rene!

Ned's love of farming is matched only by his love of family

and in a close second eating out. Farming along side his

dad, Ned learned important lessons including diversifying

the farm enough to weather bad years. A lesson he has been proud to pass along to his two sons. Ned's favorite part about farming is the constant challenge. He even came back every weekend while a student at VA Tech to help his dad on the farm. Ned's favorite part about the Fall Festival is interacting with all of the guests! Ned's wife Rene is relatively new to farm life but has jumped right in- helping to clean and pack squash and work cattle. She enjoys helping with the Country Store.

Ned is grateful for the safe return of his daughter Jessica, who served several deployments in Afghanistan and Africa.

Meet Ned II and Rose!

Like the saying goes, Ned II and Rose have farming in their

blood. Ned has been full time on the farm since shortly after

graduating from VA Tech. Ned takes pride in the high quality

produce he raises with his dad and brother for restaurants,

grocery stores, and colleges in the Roanoke Valley. He loves

answering questions about the farm and meeting new people

at events. And when you do met Ned in person, you'll almost certainly meet Jack and Jasper too. The dogs are never far behind Ned! Ned II's wife Rose also loved growing up on a farm. Rose has enjoyed helping with the Fall Festival, the farm's website and social media pages. She loves helping birthday parties and special events on the Farm to become great memories! Ned and Rose are thankful that they have the opportunity to raise their children on the farm, sharing the lessons and experiences that were so important to them growing up.

Meet Darrell and Lacee!

Darrell has been full time on the farm for over 10 years.

He enjoys ordering the seeds and oversees the planting.
Darrell loves farming the same land that has been in the
family for generations. He loves cutting out the corn
maze for the Fall Festival and making all of the children
laugh. Lacee is very talented at building and painting
displays, and enjoys helping with the events. She also
loves to take photos and shares them on social media. When Darrell isn't working on the farm, you can normally find him and Lacee traveling, hiking, or hunting with their dog Rusty by their side.

Meet the Farmers

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